Russian Union of Auto-Insurers to prepare regulatory acts to use GLONASS data while analyzing road accidents

25 февраля 2014
Today the correct recording of accident circumstances for "Europrotocol" is possible only with the use of GLONASS satellite technologies and tachographs, President of Russian Union of Auto-Insurers Pavel Bunin thinks.

"The Russian Union of Auto-Insurers (RUA) and the Ministry of Transport have proposed to codify the opportunity of registering road accidents according to "Europrotocal" only under the condition of equipping vehicles with special devices recording road accident circumstances in a continuous and uncorrectable mode," a number media reported with reference to P. Bunin.

It is currently reported that RUA working group will draft normative acts regulating the settlement of insurance events using data from the devices registering road accident circumstances.   Besides this, the group is planning to develop requirements for these data.

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