Putin signs bill on creation and use of GLONASS maps

4 апреля 2014
The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed the bill on the information interaction between state bodies and organizations in creating and monitoring GLONASS navigation maps, a message on the Kremlin's website says.
The law classifies state navigation maps as air-navigation, marine-navigation (including maps of the Northern Sea Route water area, sea harborages and passages to them), navigation maps of internal water routes and navigation maps for the sector of the defense and security of Russia.
The document stipulates that the exclusive rights for state navigation maps belong to the Russian Federation. The maps will be developed and updated by a federal government agency appointed by the Russian Government.   The law also regulates an order of creating and using road navigation maps.
According to the document the state information system developers have to ensure access to information about  property unit addresses, vehicle traffic route schemes, static police post locations, customs posts and other units.   Moreover, the law introduces the concept of navigation information and state navigation maps, as well as provides for a procedure for accessing its contained data.
The source:  http://ria.ru/

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