Rozhin Pavel

Born on 19-th of September 1982.
In 1999 entered the Faculty of Management, Moscow State Automobile and Road University (MADI).
In 2005 have obtained a Master's degree in the field of «Computer Science».
In 2006-2009 took postgraduate course in MADI on specialty of «Automation and management of technological processes and manufactures (industry)», in 2009 have defended his thesis and was awarded the PhD degree.
Since 2007 workes as a lecturer in the Moscow State Automobile and Road University (MADI).
In 2010-2012 worked at JSC «RusHydro» - «Corporate University of Hydropower».
Since 2013 workes as a head of department of Complex Automation Systems in Transportation, Research Institute of Applied Telematics, Ltd.
Marital status: married, has a child
Hobby: fishing


«Navigation and information technologies for efficient state and municipal management»
«A Green Light all the Way for Passenger Transport. Experience in Introducing Systems of Passenger Transport Priority Passage in Kazan»
The concept of «priority passage of vehicles of public transport» means that they are given a definite advantage at intersections equipped with traffic lights by changing modes of traffic lights so that these vehicles could pass through the intersection as quickly as possible. In the present decision the organization of the priority passage is achieved through the integration of systems for monitoring and management of passenger transport with systems of traffic management (ASTM). Also the mechanism of priority directions and difficulties encountered during the integration and running of the system in operation are described. This solution has been integrated in the city of Kazan before the XXVII World Summer Universiade 2013.