Demidov Oleg

Business Development
PhD in Physics and Mathematics and diploma at Moscow State University, Master of Arts in Economics at New Economic School. 10 publications and reports on specialized conferences More than 7 years of experience in roles of consultant at international consulting company, business development director in IT companies, founder of IT startups, senior project manager at Moscow Innovation Development Center.


«Navigation and Information Services for Mass Consumer Market»
«Indoor Navigation – Modern Trend or Platform for New Solutions?»
Currently indoor navigation is becoming one of the most popular topic for discussion in international technology newswires:
  • it is regularly ranked in top-10 of the most important mobile trends,
  • actively promoted by leading players of technology market (roll out of Google Indoor Maps, iBeacons are installed in all US Apple Stores),
  • the volume of indoor location services is forecasted to reach USD 2,5 bln till 2017-18.
The problem that indoor navigation solves is quite obvious and important. Nevertheless, at the moment there is only limited number of cases with implementation of indoor navigation into mass or corporate sector.
Analysis of  current barriers for roll out of such systems and positions of involved players leads to the following conclusions:
  1. Navigation technologies are permanently evolving and already make it possible to develop services with accuracy sufficient for solution of most business tasks and economics which is affordable for large clients
  2. Large potential clients are pretty familiar with the topic, however are waiting for ready mass solution which is proven in similar conditions.
  3. Installation solutions are frequently postponed because economic buyer is not always the key benefit taker from the usage of indoor navigation services.
To sum up, indoor navigation has the potential to become the basis for the whole new class of mobile solutions. However, their implementation requires the combination of the best technological solution and innovative business model which takes into account benefits for all stakeholders.
Round-table: «Indoor navigation for all and everyone»
«Indoor Navigation – a Fashionable Trend or a Platform for New Solutions?»