Sizov Grigory

Head of M2M Sales


«Navigation and Information Services for Mass Consumer Market»
«The Role of MNOs in Telematics Solutions. New Opportunities for Business»
New phase of the development of navigation services and technology began in when devices started to be connected to wireless networks of data transmission. And today it's difficult to imagine our life not only without mobile phones but also without an opportunity to check traffic jams on-line before leaving home or office or distantly control an apartment, country house or office space.
Nowadays all players of the navigation market face new challenges stemming from development of user devices as well as constantly growing users' requirements to products and services. On the other hand device manufacturers and service providers are always in the constant search of innovations to gain competitive advantages for the existing products and new solutions as well as new market segments. At the same time mobile service providers are ready to offer not only new high speed technologies of data transmission but also additional services to better utilize their networks, billing infrastructure and SIM-management, new opportunities provided by Big Data.
We are positive that full-fledged cooperation of all market players will drive the technology to new heights. Today it's difficult to imagine what it will look like in 5-10 years but ultimately it's our mutual goal to create easy-to-use and popular solutions.