Vdovin Vladimir

military radio engineer


«Navigation and information technologies for efficient state and municipal management»
«Current Issues of Geodetic Support to the GLONASS System»
From 1 January 2014 the GLONASS system has moved to a system PZ-90.11.
Needed for satellite navigation system parameters PZ-90.11 will be included in ICD GLONASS return similar system parameters PZ-90.02.
Prior to January 1, 2017 will be implemented phased transfer of geodetic and cartographic works (and presumably surveying works), including with the use of the GLONASS system of coordinate systems SC-42 and SC-95 to the coordinate system GCS-2011. Questions remain open use of MSCs and heights (see Resolution of the USSR Council of April 7, 1946 № 760).
Will ensure the availability of information to the data on the composition, the technical equipment and the location of points in the systems PZ-90.11-2011 and GSK.
Planned transition to a monitoring regime to maintain and develop systems PZ-90.11 and HSC-2011, which takes into account the development of the fundamental basis of a unified system for timing and navigation support of the Russian Federation.
Planned regular release of new versions of PZ-90.11 and HSC-2011 (once in 3-5 years).
Will be considered the possibility of expanding geodetic framework of the PP-90 by Roscosmos placed monitoring stations GLONASS satellites in Antarctica and in overseas territories.
In the future harmonization points FAGS Rostreestra International Network IGS