Roffe Aleksandr

Date of birth December 7, 1982.
Education background:
2000- 2006 Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University). Department “Applied Mechanics”, Engineer.
From 2006 Moscow State Aviation Institute (Technical University). PhD technical sciences.
Professional background:
2007-2011 “Autoconnex” Ltd. “NEXO” Group. Department Head of introduction technology  and tech support.
2011-2012 TD “Vega-Absolute” Ltd. Department head of Corporate customers.
From 2012 “NVS Navigation Technology” “NAVIS Group” Commercial Director. ;


«Navigation and Information Services for Mass Consumer Market»
«High Accuracy Navigation»
The report describes features of modern navigation. Problems of accuracy in the "modern" navigation devices are raised. The analysis of errors associated with changes in the ionosphere and troposphere, the results of high-precision differential modes for phase measurements (RTK) are shown.
Describes the methods, services, and equipment supported "precision" navigation, identified area in which it is possible to get highly accurate navigation result. After analysis of the tests we can say that today accuracy less than a meter, not the limit.