Gorbachev Oleg

Oleg Gorbachev, born in 1959, a citizen of the Russian Federation, graduated from Irkutsk State University in 1982.
He defended his Candidate’s thesis in 1991, got the academic status of associate professor in 1995 and defended the doctoral thesis in 2010.
He is a member of Dissertation Counsil Д 212.073.09 at National Research Irkutsk State Technical University and ДС 223.011.02 at Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation.
Oleg Gorbachev has 69 publications. The field of scientific interests is radiophysics, satellite navigation systems.
Oleg Gorbachev has been working in the profession for 30 years. He lectures on “Satellite navigation systems and air traffic management”, “Radio navigation systems’, “Higher mathematics”. He directs students’ diploma projections and is a member of State Certifying Commission in speciality “Maintenance of transport radio equipment” at Irkutsk Branch of Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation.
He was a supervisor for two PH.D.
At present he is a supervisor for two applicants for a degree and is consulting a doctoral candidate.
Since 2003 he has been the Director of Irkutsk Branch of Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation. Since March 2013 he has been a Pro-rector of Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation for work with branches.


«Navigation and information technologies for efficient state and municipal management»
«New Opportunities of Positioning Accuracy Enhancement in Single-Frequency Consumer Navigation Devices»
The results of experimental research of time variations of positioning errors in single-frequency navigation equipment of satellite navigation systems are presented. The availability of clearly registered repetition of day variation of errors on adjacent days is proved. A new technique of increasing accuracy of satellite navigation systems is suggested which the authors call a time-differential mode and which is based on using the repetition of positioning errors in satellite navigation systems.