Denisenko Oleg

Deputy CEO
Date of birth: June 7, 1973
In 1995 was graduated from the Mozhaisky Military Space Academy
From 1995 to 2010 he worked in the FBE "GNMC of  Ministry of Defense" (formerly the FSE "32 GNIII of  Ministry of Defense ") on the positions from the junior research associate to the head of the section.
In 2001 he defended his candidate dissertation.
In 2010 he defended his doctoral dissertation.
Starting from 09.2011 he works in the  FSUE "VNIIFTRI" on the post of the Deputy Director General, Head of Research Department for the development and operation of means of metrological assurance for coordinate-temporal and navigation systems.


«Navigation and information technologies for efficient state and municipal management»
«Organizational and Technical Basics of Metrological Support to the GLONASS System and Measurement Devices Using its Signals»
Fuctioning of GLONASS system is based on the use of a wide range of measuring devices, the characteristics of which are decisive for the achievement of key characteristics of the system as a whole - error of the real-time coordinates determination in the state geocentric coordinate system and error of  the consumer time determination in the system time scale. At the same, based on the requirements of the current legislation, measuring devices used in the GLONASS system and a wide range of measuring devices using GLONASS system signals reside in the field of the state regulation of measurements unity. Solution of the problem of creation and development of the system of metrological assurance for GLONASS, its augmentations and consumer navigation equipment was entrusted to Rosstandart, Roscosmos and the Russian Ministry of Defense by the Government Decree of 30.04.2008 N 323.
The following report addresses main organizational means for the assessment and control of measuring devices characteristics both for the devices in the GLONASS system, and for the devices using its signals, including examples of hardware classification as measuring device, as well as a number of existing and future technical means to address this problem.