Ilichev Oleg

Graduated from the Moscow Power institute as an engineer-mathematician. Worked in the largest Russian Internet holding Mail.Ru Group more than 12
years, the last 6 years as the vice-president for products. In 2012 became one of founders and the CEO of the HelgiLab company, the resident of a space
cluster of the innovative center Skolkovo.


«Navigation and information technologies for efficient state and municipal management»
«Laser Scanning Based 3D Panorama - Successful Introduction of Solutions for Geoinformation Systems of the Government of Moscow»
The report is devoted to an example of introduction of innovative technologies in geographic information systems of the Government of Moscow for the purpose of increasing of their presentation level and efficiency. Existing system has one shortcoming - the using of flat maps for data visualization is not always informative and convenient. More evident three-dimensional framework was required. Especially if it could be created for reasonable money and in a very short period of time - summer 2013. Three-dimensional panoramas are made by combining panoramic photos and clouds of points from laser scanners. Unlike ordinary panoramas there are three coordinates for each pixel - the width, longitude and height. This approach allows carrying out necessary measurements directly on panoramas, to receive information on objects and even to insert new objects into panorama. Three-dimensional panoramas for all streets of "old" Moscow (more than 5 000 kilometers) were created in 2013.
Round-table Navigation Technologies for Unmanned Vehicles
«Input Data for Unmanned Vehicle Route Planning»