Leukhin Ivan

Field Sales Engineer
Leuhin Ivan B.  was born in the Arzamas city on16 February 12, 1985 in a family of scientists.
He was graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum № Nov. 3 , 2002. Then he studied at the Moscow State University. Named after M.V. Lomonosov, where he received his diploma degree in physics in 2008 .
After graduation worked for two years as an application engineer at National Instruments.
Since September 2010 he worked as a sales technical consultant, and in 2011 he was transferred to the position of Regional Representative of National Instruments in Moscow.
Over the years in the National Instruments has actively participated in numerous exhibitions , conferences and forums dedicated to test automation , measurement and control system .
He accumulated extensive experience of cooperation with enterprises of Roskosmos , MD, research institutes in projects of building control systems, test equipment for testing electronic components , devices , functional blocks of electronic systems and the complexes.


«Navigation and Information Technologies for Business»
«National Technologies for Satellite Navigation Equipment, Radioelectronic Components and Electronic Components Base Control»
The report focuses on the creation and use of radioelectronic platform based on National Instruments modular technologies, wich are widely used to create systems to record , playback and simulate navigation signals for testing navigation equipment , electronic components and ECB . The main attention will be devoted to the construction of two types of systems :
1) System PXI-GNSS, designed to test the reception of navigational equipment in recording and playback signals in the real world and in simulation mode .
System PXI-GNSS allows receivers to record parameters such as sensitivity, time to exit to normal operation TTFF ( in the " cold ", " warm " and " hot start "), location accuracy ( absolute and relative ) in a static ( stationary receiver ) and dynamic modes ( with the task trajectories for the receiver ) . PXI-GNSS is a complex and multi-standard is designed to test receivers operating in navigation systems GPS, GLONASS and Galileo.
Using specialized libraries in conjunction with the LabVIEW RF PXI platform allows you to create measurement systems for testing GLONASS , GPS- receivers , as well as beacons COSPAS-SARSAT.
  • Simulation of signals at the same same time 12 satellites
  • Formation of C / A- bugs
  • Measurement sensitivity and time to the operating mode receivers
  • Measurement of positioning accuracy
  • Up to 72 hours of continuous playback signals
2) System for testing communications and microwave electronics components .
High complex based on NI PXI Express system allows functional and parametric control chip RF synthesizers , microwave frequencies with any digital control interface in full compliance with the specifications for the stages of input , output , control inter-operation , with the ability to collect and analyze any necessary production statistics . Can also be used as research stands with completely open software and hardware architecture . The system is designed for the measurement :
  • Antenna parameters ( gain , VSWR, building patterns , etc.)
  • Parameters receivers ( frequency range , sensitivity, dynamic range , bandwidth, output power , etc.)
  • Parameters transmitters ( output frequency range , output power, modulation parameters , the width of the strip useful , stable output frequency , signal / noise ratio , etc.)
  • Comprehensive testing of microwave components ( filters, attenuators , amplifiers, phase shifters , mixers , synthesizers, directional couplers )