Maslenkov Sergey

Development Director
The services of Mr. Maslenkov cover complicated motor insurance matters as well as management of integrate processes and policies. Having fundamental knowledge and education in analytical mathematics and economics Mr. Maslenkov has obtained profound understanding in the field of IT world best practices in business development and education in the industry. The successful and long years of work experience as well as in international and Russian companies made Mr. Maslenkov believe that the insurance industry can and has to be useful for both its clients and profitable for its shareholders. The insurance market in Russia is complicated due to its continuous and partly contrary development. Still the supply & demand - which are the grounds of any market economy – and in Russia in particularly are well known to Mr. Maslenkov. This is why Mr. Maslenkov knows that it is the right time to introduce other world’s practices such as telematics as well.


«Navigation and Information Services for Mass Consumer Market»
«Development Risks of Insurance Telematics in Russia»
Development of the navigation industry has the opportunity to resolve the task of reducing accidents on the roads of Russia through the insurance industry. Increasing insurance penetration among the population of Russia has a chance to be realized as a consequence of reducing the accident rate and reduce the cost of auto insurance. Insurance Telematics can be the bridge between navigation and insurance industry for the benefit of the population of Russia , navigation solutions providers and insurance companies.
Abstracts of the report.
  1. Auto insurance in the world and in Russia;
  2. UBI in the world and in Russia;
  3. Comparing insurance costs in Europe and Russia;
  4. Analysis of the proposed auto insurance products;
  5. Risks of the insurance telematics in Russia:
    • a. Sales;
    • b. Administration;
    • c. Claims settlement;
    • d. Underwriting and pricing;
  6. Implementation of telematics insurance in Russia.