Tyubalin Valeriy

Chief of department
Valeriy Tyubalin graduated from the Moscow aviation institute as a radio technician. From 1962 to 2008 V. Tyubalin worked in JSC “Russian Space Systems”, lately – as the deputy chief of the scientific center. Since 2008 to the present V. Tyubalin works in Institute of Space Device Engineering (now the main branch of Joint Stock Company "United Rocket Space Corporation") as the chief of department. V. Tyubalin – the expert in the field of space navigation, took active part in design of radio engineering complexes of GLONASS system. He directs implementation of project works on development and modernization of satellite navigation systems, and also works on creation of the navigation system equipments. V. Tyubalin worked many years in the working groups of the International Telecommunications Union and International Civil Aviation Organization. Now V. Tyubalin is the member of the International working group which is a part of the International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (ICG), operating under the auspices of the UN.


«Navigation and information technologies for efficient state and municipal management»
«Experimental Results of GNSS Navigation Signal Monitoring»
The report reviews the key features of GNSS navigation signals monitoring equipment.
The monitoring equipment was designed to control the navigation signals of all GNSS and their augmentations to be known at present time. The monitoring equipment contains a special-purpose receiver equipped with a dish antenna to estimate the power, spectral and time navigation signal characteristics.
Test results of GNSS navigation signals monitoring are presented.