Maksimenko Vladimir

Vladimir Maksimenko is a professor of the Moscow technical university of connection and informatics (МТUCI). Made off the Taganrog radiotechnical institute (ТRТI) on speciality "Computer, systems and networks" and аспирантуру of the Moscow power institute (МPI). Worked in the Central research institute of connection (ZNIIC) and Institute of cellular (ICC). An area of scientific interests is calculable structures and systems, system methods of development of инфокоммуникационных services on the basis of position-fix, defence of information and quality of services of movable cellular. The results of research are reflected in more than 160 publications, including - 3 collective monographs  and 21 invention.


«Navigation and information technologies for efficient state and municipal management»
«Peculiarities of Evaluating the Service Quality of ERA-GLONASS Automated Accident Emergency Response System»
The system developed "ERA-GLONASS" is a complex of technical and organizational structure, whose main elements are: car terminal (source location of vehicles at the time of the accident), classical cellular mobile communication network (communication medium minimum set of data about the accident), a virtual network of mobile cellular communications (contact center receive requests about the accident service 112), virtual private network (secured fixed network data transfer contact center service 112 and contact centers 01,02,03,04 emergency services), contact centers emergency services 01,02,03,04 and vehicles for the emergency services, equipped with means of transmission/reception location and severity of the accident. The algorithm of operation of such a complex automated system and, consequently, to assess the quality of services depend on the goals of creation as "ERA-GLONASS".
Comparative analysis of the publications devoted to making the as "ERA-GLONASS" from the standpoint of consumer properties have allowed to reveal the impact of the definition of the purpose of creation of the automated system as "ERA-GLONASS" on the assessment of the provided services quality. In our opinion, is known from only a definition of the purpose of creation as "ERA-GLONASS" is: "speedup of arrival and the beginning of assistance to victims of road accidents", in full consideration to the consumer property services.
On the basis of the formulated consumer properties services defined life cycle stage of providing services as "ERA-GLONASS" to develop the structures of the "ERA-GLONASS-based mobile networks and virtual classical operators. Defined technological and organizational quality indicators phase, rendering services.
Given that in the process of providing services as "ERA-GLONASS" participate heterogeneous services, each of which is responsible only for the quality of its activities, and, accordingly, we can assume that if we break service areas and for each service to determine their quality indicators that are not related the integral indicator based on consumer properties services, it may be that each of the services meets regulatory quality indicators, but the assistance to victims of the accident is not rendered qualitatively, i.e. the service will not meet consumer properties.
Obviously, the service as "ERA-GLONASS" should be considered as a coherent sequence of actions (transaction), and accordingly to assess the quality of the service.