Solomentsev Dmitry

Project manager
Dmitry is a specialist in mathematical modeling, numerical analysis and plasma physics. He participates in the project "Information centre for GNSS users" for 4 years. His main scientific and technical interests focus on the development of the back-end applications basing on the high-tech developments and scientific results. During his work on the projcet Dmitry has successfully defended his PhD theses in the field of atmospheric physics. He has more than 10 scientific publications and participations in the international conferences as a speaker, including European Space Weather Week и European Navigation Conference.


«Navigation and information technologies for efficient state and municipal management»
«Navigation Corrections Calculation and Dissemination System for GPS and GLONASS Users»
The system of calculation and distribution of the navigation corrections for the single and multi-frequency GNSS receivers is presented. The system provides the end-user with the information on the navigational error sources and their values, i.e. the satellite clock drift, satellite orbit errors as well as the ionosphere and troposphere delay through a web-service. The date on the satellite clock and ephemeris errors is obtained from the open sources while the troposphere and ionosphere delays are calculated using the physical models. The full set of the corrections is genereated and sent to the end user by request.The main novelty of the developed system, as well as the market advantage, is application of the high-accuracy data assimilation ionosphere model to the sugna delay determination. The model itself is described in a variety of the scientific journals and is shortl outlined in the current talk. The first results of the system prototype as well as its structural components are presented.