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Strategic partner

Non-Commercial Partnership “GLONASS UNION”The Noncommercial Partnership for Development and Use of Navigation Technologies (GLONASS Union)” was established on 25th May 2012. The founders of the Partnership were leading companies of the navigation and information markets: Yandex Ltd., OJSC “Navigation-information systems”, OJSC “RTKomm.RU”, OJSC “MTS”, OJSC “VympelKom”, OJSC “MegaFon”, Summa Telecom Ltd. and the Association “GLONSS/GNSS-Forum”.
The goal of the Partnership’s establishment is supporting the development of a competitive navigation information services sector in Russia.

GLONASS Union objectives:

  • supporting legislative development in the field of navigation activities;
  • developing a common technology policy for navigation sector;
  • uniting the efforts and combining the resources of public and private sectors for development and adoption of navigation products and services that use GLONASS technology in Russia and abroad;
  • forming a global ecosystem of developers and service and content providers that utilize GLONASS technology.
By the order of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 25th May 2012 No.522, to ensure the unity of technological management and to deliver the services for federal state and other needs, the Noncommercial Partnership (NP) “GLONASS” was assigned the federal network operator in the field of navigation activity.


On 18th September 2012 by an order of the Government of the Russian Federation the Noncommercial Partnership was assigned the only performer of the works within the project of the building of the national automated system for road accident emergency response “ERA-GLONASS”.


Official sponsor

HEREHERE, a Nokia business, offers the world’s freshest maps and location experiences across multiple screens and operating systems. HERE inspires a new generation of location services and devices helping more people to navigate their lives with ease and confidence. Built on more than 25 years of experience in cartography and drawing on more than 80,000 sources of data, HERE offers “Maps for Life” for more than 190 countries, voice guided navigation in 95 countries in more than 50 languages and live traffic information for 34 countries. To learn more about HERE, visit http://blog.here.com


Skolkovo Foundation Skolkovo Foundation for Development of the Center for Development and Commercialization of New Technologies is a non-profit organization created on the initiative of the Russian President in September 2010. The Fund’s objective is to mobilize Russian resources in today’s applied research and the creation of a favorable environment for scientific development in five priority directions of technological development: power engineering and energy efficiency, space, biomedicine, nuclear and computer technologies. The project provides for the creation of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (SkTech), research institutes, business incubator, center for technology transfer and commercialization, R&D centers; locating representative offices of foreign companies within the “Innograd” territory, construction of residential houses and social infrastructure facilities as well as further propagation of the efficient mode to cover other innovative regions of Russia. The Skolkovo innovation center’s activities are regulated by a special law that grants special economic conditions to its residents.

Technology partner

SpaceTeam® holding

Postal address:
1 Bld. 10, 1st Volokolamsky Proezd, Moscow, Russia, 123060
7 (495) 782-39-14
7 (495) 782-39-15

SpaceTeam® – IT-company is the leading navigational team in the Russian transport telematics and satellite navigation market based on GLONASS/GPS technologies.
SpaceTeam® holding brings together a strong team of 350 highly skilled professionals with more than 12 years experience gained since the beginning of the Russian navigation industry. SpaceTeam® is the technological leader in the Russian transport telematics and satellite navigation market based on GLONASS/GPS technologies.


Space CommunicationsRussian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) is a national satellite communications operator, whose spacecraft provide global coverage. The company is one of the ten largest satellite operators in the world in terms of satellites and orbital slots, and has over 40 year experience in creating and applying satellite systems for state and commercial consumers in Russia and in most countries of the world.
RSCC owns the largest satellite constellation in Russia, consisting of 11 geostationary satellite working at C-, Ku- and L-bands, and located in the geostationary orbital arc from 14 West to 145 East and cover the whole territory of Russia, CIS, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia Pacific region, North and South America, and Australia.
RSCC provides a full range of communications and broadcasting services using its own terrestrial engineering facilities and satellite constellation: television and radio broadcasting including federal, regional and commercial digital television broadcasting, mobile presidential and governmental communications, telephony, data transmission, broadband Internet access, videoconferencing, telemedicine and distant learning. The company works on the creation of regional satellite distribution networks of television and radio broadcasting, multi-service VSAT networks, as well as provides services on managing and monitoring spacecraft of foreign satellite operators. 
Today RSCC works in all geographically available markets, providing communications and broadcasting services to customers from 35 countries of the world.

Strategic internet partner

TelecomDaily Information Analysis Agencywww.TelecomDaily.ru
Every day the site posts a score of news from the telecommunications market, among which are author’s news, media monitoring, news of companies, press-releases and many others. The site features such sections as IT, 3G, 4G, WiMax, Wi-Fi, catalog and tests of mobile phones, company citation rating and many others. Your special focus should be on the section “Blogs” that run by top managers of telecommunication companies.

Mayor media partner

“VESTNIK GLONASS”“VESTNIK GLONASS” – profile magazine on navigation based technologies.
Target goals of magazine:
  • creating the unified information field that covers main development directions on the use of domestic navigation technologies;
  • expanding the spheres of navigation technologies application;
  • providing information exchange among stakeholders of navigation community.
Magazine audience:
Governmental authorities of Russian Federation, the Public Chamber, the leading industry enterprises, the users of navigation technologies, nonprofit and public organizations, commercial companies of navigation services and equipment, telecommunications companies, service and content providers, leading industry events.
3, 4th Str. Vosmogo Marta, Moscow, Russia, 125319
+7 495 580-32-84

Expert partner

GPS-CLUB.RUThe GPS CLUB ( www.gps-club.ru ) is a community of amateurs and professionals.
The Club has been founded in order to unite producers, creators, dealers, service-centers and all people who are interested in navigation. The GPS CLUB is a place of meeting and open discussion between professionals and amateurs, producers and buyers, experienced users and beginners. In its independent tests the GPS CLUB narrates users about navigation programs, maps, devices in an unprejudiced and popular manner.
Professionals for amateurs, amateurs for professionals.


GIS-AssociationGIS-Association is an interregional public organization promoting the development of the market of geoinformation technologies and services. GIS-Association is the main developer of the "Concept for establishment and development of spatial data infrastructure in the Russian Federation" and the "Concept of Informational Systems Designed for City Planning". It publishes magazines: “Informational Bulletin of GIS-Association”, "Spatial Data", "Territory Development Management" and the “GISinfo” newspaper. It organizes all-Russia geoinformation conferences and exhibitions, provides consulting services.


SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL MAGAZINE “OIL & GAS PRODUCING ENGINEERING”The magazine is intended for top-managers of Russian enterprises & foreign firms of oil & gas sphere. On the pages of our magazine are discussed the actual problems of innovations & development of oil & gas markets, including boring, mining, transporting & treatment. We pay much attention for different aspects of logistics of energy sources, service in oil & gas sphere, engineering of fundamental bases of innovation technologies in oil & gas industry, projecting new systems & instruments for vector diagnostic monitoring of machines & constructions in oil & gas complex. We publish the materials for increasing of quality of pipelines & anticorrosion systems, for using nanomaterials in energy applications, engineering in oil & gas sphere with new generation of systems of innovation technologies & nanotechnologies. New applications of world aerospace industry, including unmanned multifunctional civil space systems for oil & gas sphere are also discussed on the pages of our magazine.

General internet partner

ComNews GroupComNews Group issues annual bulletin “Telecoms Encyclopedia & Broadcasting. Russia” (contains detailed and objective information on all key telecom companies on Russian marketplace); monthly “Standard” magazine; daily ComNews.ru internet newspaper of telecom business news; directory “Who is Who in Russian Telecom & Broadcasting”. ComNews Group performs research and review of the regional, national and CIS telecom markets in the frames of a daughter company ComNews Research.

Media partners

ADI "Monitor"Agency of Buisnes Information «Monitor», Company «Groteck», specializes on release monthly branch views. It makes more than 50 information booklets in this directions: security, telecommunications, information technology, building, transport, ecology, manufacture, agriculture etc. 
In this monthly booklets there are structure branch information about all main events, human resources, regulation, different experience and introductions, about new technologies and new products, besides it contains some opinions of the experts and their estimations. The main priority of our Agency is actual and exact information.


MIS-inform, Ltd."Company MIS-inform" was founded in February of 1996 and specializes in information and analytical services for telecommunication enterprises.
"MIS-inform" inform is full service firm specializing in telecom market investigations. Its proposes oriented for managers & marketers standard information issues and individual marketing investigations. Best prices and good quality of documents. Ready information materials are distributed, mainly, by means of e-mail. Besides, archives of news and analytical reviews are available on the site http://www.mis.ru . Our subscribers are Russian first-rate telecom companies.


WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIESThe “WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES” supplement informs the readers about the latest developments in wireless technologies, principal tendencies and perspectives in development of domestic and world market, and also about companies acting on this market. The supplement has been set up for designers and specialists in application.


MSKIT.ruDaily online IT-news media for the readers of the Central region of Russia.


ITSZ.ruDaily online IT-news media for the readers of the North-West region of Russia.


NNIT.ruDaily online IT-news media for the readers of the North-West region of Russia.


The magazine «Geoprofi»Geoprofi — the magazine on a geodesy, cartography and navigation. The magazine is focused on the nonproduction personnel of the industrial enterprises, developers and suppliers of the equipment, software and technologies, teachers and post-graduate students of educational institutions. In the Internet on a site www.geoprofi.ru the full electronic version of all numbers of magazine is free of charge accessible.


RSP EXPERT, MAGAZINEThe business paper focused on the decision of problems of industrial transport.
The purposes of magazine: maintenance of information needs of the experts in the field of designing, construction, maintenance and operation of ways of an industrial railway transportation, logistics, management of the risks connected with operation railway and motor transport, the publication of normative documents, help materials, materials on logistics, safety of transportations, the analysis of events and tendencies of the markets.


Connect! The World of Communication, Magazine“Connect! The World of Communication” magazine is the authoritative Russian monthly business-magazine about telecommunication and information technologies. This edition comprehensively deals with modern trends in the world of communication and information, serves as a guidebook for modern businessperson in the global infocommunicational space. On the pages of monthly magazine there are:
  • the examination of the state and prospects of the market of information and telecommunication technologies
  • the experience of information and communication in the fields and departments
  • modern business technologies provided by leading integrators, vendors, suppliers of solutions
  • art company management
  • opinions and recommendations of specialists.
"Globus: geology and business"“Globus: geology and business” is an information journal.
The territory of distribution is Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine. The journal is disseminated in a package by courier delivery, open display and subscription.
Circulation: 9,000 copies.
Periodicity:  1 issue in 2.5 months, 5 issues per year
The strategy of “Globus” journal unites two concepts: “business” and “specialized”. The main advantage of such an approach is that the materials presented for the managing staff in the field of subsurface use are up-to-date. Thus, any manager can get relevant information about the market trends.
An important technical feature of the journal is 3D photo projects. Each issue contains a portfolio of on-the-spot photomaterials. Photography is performed by the journal’s photographers, who go to the enterprises located in any spot of Russia and the CIS. Each issue of the journal is equipped with special 3D glasses for viewing photos.
3D photo projects outline the journal from the Mass media at different events, attract attention to the edition and allow to gain its reader. Such on-the-spot photo stories demonstrate how closely the journal cooperates with mining companies.


SOVETNIK PRESIDENTA research and information edition.SOVETNIK PRESIDENTA, Research and information edition.The edition will be delivered to the Kremlin, Presidential Executive Office and the Government Staff, State Duma and the Soviet of the Federation, the Government of Moscow and the Moscow City Duma.The edition is to be distributed according to mandatory address dispatch to the Plenipotentiaries of the President of the Russian Federation in the federal circles, Chief executives and the Legislative Bodies of regions, republics, territories, and the cities of Russia, ministries and institutions, finance and business structures, scientific centers.


Internet-source «Infocommunicazii online»Our Internet-source «Infocommunicazii online» is devoted to market of information technologies and telecommunications. The main direction of our work is complex reporting of IT market’s events and trends. The latest news of telecom, system integration and computer market are laid out on our sources every day. In addition, there are plenty of actual interviews, market researches, project descriptions and announcements of important events. Nowadays, ICT-Online.ru covers ICT market of two Russian capitals – Moscow and Saint Petersburg and there is own news line and other rubrics for every which of them. Interesting, the Saint Petersburg’s news line is based on famous and well-established source spbIT.ru, which has entered to ICT-Online.ru as a main regional line.


Ict-online.ruInternet publication ict-online is dedicated to the market of information technologies and telecommunications. The main activity of the portal is a comprehensive daily coverage of events and trends in information technology market.


CNews.ruCNews.ru id the largest online source in high-tech industry in Russia and CIS. The scale and quality of daily publications, as well as the serviceability, attract over 2,300,000 people a month throughout Russia and overseas. The publication’s main audience is executives, managers and qualified specialists. Since December 2004 we have been publishing Cnews magazine.


Transport Resource «ALT-info» / ALT-infoTransport Resource «ALT-info» - «All of the cargo transportation» is engaged transport consulting - promotion of services and logistics company. Transport Resource «ALT-info» - «All of the cargo transportation» offers information services - place in the catalog, consult:
  • consultation on logistics, transportation of cargo to Russia, Europe, Asia, America
  • consultations on transport services - customs, consolidation, warehousing services
Distribution of cargo included in the package of proposals of the Resource.


3DNews Daily Digital Digest3DNews - Daily Digital Digest - Russias first independent online edition dealing with information technologies. Established since July 17, 1997, and without any outside investments, the project has managed to develop into a successfully operating Internet company and to take its unique niche of the RuNet Web-space.
The purpose of the project is to provide media coverage of whats going on in the IT market through promptly publishing as impartial as possible information; to let the audience aware of the latest hardware and software products as well as to assist Russias computer users in making the right choice, purchasing and using the hardware and software in the most efficient way.
Every day 3DNews-Daily Digital Digest is visited by over 200.000 people. Every month more than 3millions visitors browse over 19 million pages. The number of the subscribes daily reading our mailing on Subcribe.ru and Maillist.ru is over 90.000 and continuously growing up. The news lines of 3DNews are provided according to the protocol RSS 2.0 to many websites including Yandex.News, FeedBurner, Inforotor, StopGame, microblogs Twitter, LiveJournal, Friendfeed, Google+ and others.


SouzconsaltSouzconsalt is the network of international experts who have been working in different fields of support to the export trade activity since 2008 and have practical experience in successful implementation of project in both Russian and international market.
Today the company acts as an informational partner of different industrial and specialized events and also publishes its own analytical edition “NIE Journal”. The network possesses finished programs of business development in Russia, in the territory of the Common Economic Space (CES) and member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The network of international experts includes more than 150 experts from around the world: Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Croatia, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Spain, Argentine, Slovenia, Iran, China and others.


«Time of Innovation»"Time of Innovation" is dedicated to the development of economy and society. The basis of our work - active participation in the business life of the country and support innovation processes.


Magazine «ROADS.Innovations in Construction»Magazine "ROADS.Innovations in Construction "covers the economic and legal aspects of road sector, raises issues of design, construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, technical and technological equipment of enterprises of road and bridge complexintroduction to Russian and foreign innovation.
"ROADS. Innovation in construction - a professional view on the road infrastructure. Distribution: At trade shows and conferences, including travel offices, committees and directorates federal and regional levels, scientific and design organizations, enterprises contracting of road and bridge complex.


PC MAGAZINE/RUSSIAN EDITION PUBLISHING HOUSE "SK PRESS"PC MAGAZINE/Russian Edition ( + СD ) is the leading monthly computer magazine. The magazine covers the latest world and Russian technological developments and products of interest to a wide spectrum of users. The magazine comes out 12 times a year with a circulation of 40,000 copeis.


GRUZOVIK PRESS (TRUCK PRESS)A monthly magazine GRUZOVIK PRESS reports on wide spectrum of themes connected with transportation and commercial vehicles. Magazine is distributed on a subscription under catalogue «Rospechat» (an index 84217) or editorial, and at the exhibitions.


RNSinfoRNSinfo is a professional web portal, modern source of relevant information on navigation and transport. Our portal is the first professional-oriented website publishing materials on transport monitoring devices (tachographs). RNSinfo provides news, technical specifications, supplemental information, analytics and creates the most comfortable place of meeting for suppliers and consumers of GLONASS/GPS equipment, monitoring devices (tachographs) and transport security systems. Informational web portal RNSinfo is designed for а broad audience of internet users from different regions of Russia. It consolidates executives and managers of transport enterprises, equipment suppliers and dealers – those who are directly connected with current navigation technologies.


ALPINA PUBLISHERALPINA PUBLISHER is a leading Russian publishing house specialized on business and professional literature in print and electronic forms. Each month we publish up to 50 titles with cumulative circulation about 150,000 copies. Each day our books help hundred thousands of people to improve their lives and careers. ALPINA PUBLISHER books are in private libraries of most Russian entrepreneurs and top managers. 15 years for a Russian company is a long term. Especially for an independent publisher having no relations with authorities, working in the honest competitive environment. Developing with the market and applying ideas and methods of our authors in the management we were able to find our own unique way. Now we are publishing books that not only profit the publisher and authors, but also perform a revolution in the field and generation minds, offer new view on human and organization nature.


12NEWS.RUInformational Agency 12NEWS is an agency of adequate news about automation management systems for present-day enterprises.  There are both bad and good news about automation systems. Objectiveness is the main mission of ERPNEWS and the most complicated as well.  12NEWS reveals to the reader the myth of ERP systems power and their business effectiveness by dint of thematic collatings, authentic ratings and visitors' participation, who can write a question to vendors and system implementators, say thank you or complain.   We are filtrating ERP news and making them coloured!


Media-Information Group Insurance TodayThe Media-Information Group Insurance Today coordinates a number of all-Russia information projects. One of the most model ones is the leading insurance web resource “Insurance Today” leading today in the audience number among all insurance information resources. Another activity of the Media-Information Group Insurance Today is advertising and PR services, consulting and information analytics. The major operation principles of the Group are expertise, addressing needs of its partners in the insurance market, improving quality of information products. The company team consists of highly educated professionals, many of whom have been working in the insurance market for over 10 years.


Magazine “Security”Magazine “Security” is issued from 2004 – it is an specialized publication on the market of the security system in Russia and CIS countries (Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine). Today national Russian specialized magazine “Security” is included into two best editions of Russia dedicated to the security. Among our partners are: State Concern Epotos , Artsok, ISS, Efer, Marcon-Cholod, Technik Servis-SB, B1 Electronics, Forteza, Umirs, Omega-Microdisign, Eternis, Planar, Siberian Arsenal, and some other big companies. Join us! We will be glad to see you on the pages of our journal.


The RZD-Partner magazineThe RZD-Partner is the leading transport business edition in Russia. It has been published since 1998. The main objective of the magazine is to meet the information needs of transport market players and guide the readers through the major events and trends of the sector. A wide range of issues of transport branch functioning in Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States is discussed in the RZD-Partner magazine with an emphasis on railway cargo transportation. RZD-Partner project includes:
  • RZD-Partner magazine in Russian
  • The RZD-Partner magazine in English
  • The RZD-Partner magazine in Chinese
  • RZD-Partner.Ru Information Agency
Magazine «Engineer and industrialist today» Magazine «Engineer and industrialist today» with the purpose of propaganda and popularization of the best practices and actual achievements for the introduction in the economy of modern technologies consistently tells about the work on the development of high-tech production. Thematic focus is the work of the different branches of the economy, the intellectual Foundation of which are labour, creativity and talent of scientists, engineers, Industrialists.


The magazine Zemelny Vestnik of the Moscow oblast The Zemelny Vestnik of the Moskow oblast is an information-analytical magazine specializing in land relations, geodesy, mapping, and navigation.


Last Mile MagazineThe purpose of the publication is a comprehensive coverage of issues and problems related to granting access to global information networks for subscribers and groups of subscribers. The magazine covers such issues as the latest achievements and prospects in the field of access network technologies, “Last Mile”; equipment for cable links (copper and optical ones), wireless broadband access networks, atmospheric optical links, etc.
The magazine is addressed to those, who make decisions: both enterprise and agency executives and telecommunications engineers.
Distribution: targeted emailing, handouts at industry exhibitions (in Moscow and regions), subscription.
Periodicity: 6 issues a year, circulation of 4,000 copies
The publisher is Technosphera advertising and publishing center


The Media Holding «Business Connect» The Media Holding «Business Connect» is Russian media holding issuing 5 publications devoted to deferent topics («Business Connection», «Formula of Mood», «World of Comfort», «Fitness Style», «Industry of Comfort») together covering the entire information field. The Media Holding «Business Connection» has been operating in the media market since 2008, and specializes in activities in the field of mass media, advertising, PR, information support and promotion of companies, individuals, projects, ideas, events.
Business Connection combines several channels of business communications - В2В, В2С, B2G, G2B and G2G. This is a publication for business people covering various issues of business and economy, providing up-to-date information interesting for business people. Business Connection is an information business resource and effective information, expert, advertisement and image platform for business and authorities.
Business Connection is the most vital topics, key issues of economy development and tis vector, interviews with leading representatives of the business community – business and authorities, expert opinions and author’s articles.
We put emphasis on issues of investments, innovations and new technologies, regional development, international cooperation, finances, management, HR, science, education, successful experience of companies and regions.


Satellite Pro Middle EastSatellite Pro Middle East, a monthly publication from CPI Media Group, is the only regional print and online magazine addressing the satellite industry and related vertical markets across the Middle East and Africa.
Satellite Pro Middle East aims to inform professionals in the industry, and offer a working platform to address specific MENA-based vertical markets including broadcast, oil and gas, telecommunications, military, marine, corporate and aviation sectors.
With a daily online edition, weekly newsletter and monthly print publication, everybody has look at the entire satellite value chain with product news, technology updates, interviews with leading players and case studies of regional satellite deployment. Satellite Pro Middle East  is an organizer of  a series of high profile, exclusive roundtables «SatellitePro ME Influencers Roundtables», that will bring together key solution providers and influential decision makers in the region to debate, discuss and potentially create new synergies going forward.


2GIS2GIS is a developer of electronic directories that guide users easily in over 200 cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Cyprus and Czech Republic, and help them find the information they need.
Our own call centers in every city where 2GIS is present constantly keep track of new information and update the directory every month. Primary data on companies and industries is added free of charge. 2GIS maps are created by a professional map-making department, licensed by the Federal Service of Geodesy and Cartography.
At present, 2GIS has 13 branches and works on a franchise basis in many large cities. The total number of 2GIS users throughout Russia is now in excess of 22 100 000.


Mir Izmereniy (World of Measurements)Monthly cross-sector scientific and technical magazine in the field of measurements. The mission of the magazine is to cover the state policy of Russia in the area of ensuring the traceability of measurements. To address information needs of players of the measurement equipment market, heads and employees of metrological departments and services of different industries, agencies, enterprises, scientific research institutes, higher education institutions. To create a single information space for the interaction of science and industry, consumers and manufacturers of measurement equipment
Type of communications – G2B, B2B.
The magazine’s motto: «Science — Technologies — Business».
The target audience is heads of state authorities in the field of ensuring the traceability of measurements, executives and employees of metrological services of industries and agencies, backbone companies and enterprises, heads and employees of specialized scientific research institutes, executives and employees of companies manufacturing measurement equipment, heads and employees of accreditation and certification offices, testing centers and laboratories, rectors, professors, doctoral candidates, post-graduate students and students of specialized higher education institutions.
Has been published 2001.


Magazine "Transport of the Russian Federation"Magazine "Transport of the Russian Federation" - the edition for heads and experts of the enterprises of a transport complex, representatives of authority; questions of development of transport system of Russia, formation of the transport logislation, the newest developments of experts in the area of transport safety, etc.
The magazine is published since October, 2005, since February, 19th, 2010 is included in the list of the Higher Certifying commission, print format 210x297mm, print in full color, 15000 issues, Frequency: 6 times/year.


Aviation & Sport“Aviation and Sport” magazine implies supporting state research and technology policy, dwelling on economy issues, problems and perspectives for development of sports, civil, military and general purpose aviation, as well as Research and Development Establishments, development offices, manufacturers, air companies, airports, aero clubs, equipment maintenance plants, educational establishments, foreign trade and insurance companies.


The web publication “Kadry dlya OPK Rossii”The web publication “Kadry dlya OPK Rossii (HR for Defense Industry Complex of Russia)” provides assistance to job seekers and HR managers in searching for and training employees, tells about positive experience in building a career, ensures the development of Russian defense industry complex popularization. The web publication is an effective tool for recruiting personnel and searching for jobs in industries of the Russian defense industry complex. We offer you to take advantage of a number of advertising opportunities that will help garner maximum PR effect for your company.


Aerospase courier MagazineAerospase courier Magazine is intended for professional and business circles of aerospace community. It´s circulation is 6000 copies. It highlights economic problems and development prospects of russian scientific research institutes, aviation colleges, design bureaux, production enterprises, repair factories, airlines, airports. Its pages carry opinions by distinguished professionals on hot aerospare topics, historical excursions etc. Subscription indices arsmi agency – 15628.


Electronics IMGMedia Group, provides a full range of services to its partners in the promotion of products and services in the electronics market: print media, electronic media, the organization of conferences and seminars, market research, an annual award in the field of electronics, pr-business support.


Media PublisherT-Comm - Telecommunications & transport - the edition for professionals and end users in the field of telecommunications and transport. Reportings, interview of the leading companies, information of new technologies, equipment and decisions are published in magazine. Introduction of last achievements of branch on transport (satellite systems of navigation, GPS, etc.) and legal aspects in the field of telecommunications and allied industries is covered. Subscription index in agency " Rospechat " 80714. The Internet-version www.media-publisher.ru.


Aviapanorama MagazineAviapanorama Magazine: innovative development of aviation and astronautics, ensuring the life cycle of aerospace hardware, its fail-safe use and effective application. The character of publications is expert-analytical. Besides electronic and web issues of the magazine, its materials are posted in a number of information resources. To learn more, please see the attachment to the editor’s section on http://aviapanorama.ru


IKS-magazine («InformCourier-Svyaz») IKS-Magazine is the business publication for professionals on Telecom, IT and Media. All about business: news, market reviews and forecasts, technologies and services.
Tel: +7 (495) 785-14-90, 229-49-78, 502-5080
Fax: +7 (495) 229-49-76
Building 3, 5 Ogorodnyi proezd, Moscow, Russia, 127254


Information Agency for CommunicationsInformation Agency for Communications is:
  • Complex information services to players of the market; – A platform for your advertising and publishing your scientific articles; – Up-to-date information at firsthand about important events of the market; – Information support to industry events in Russia and CIS; – Specialized publications for professionals of the ICT market.
Agency Products:
  • Weekly bulletin “Operator. Communications News” – a brief review of events on the information and communication market, keeping its subscribers updated on current events and oncoming trends.
  • Information and analytic digest “ Mobile Communication and WBA Market”  – a highly specialized digest introducing its subscribers to the full picture of events on the market.